Activity LED Wont Stop Flashing...HELP PLEASE!

I have 5 Western Digital MyBook External Hard Drives hooked up, until last night when i did a windows xp update and .net framework 4.0 update the drives worked fine, actually even after that it worked fine until around 2am in the morning the drives started taking longer to stop spinning when being accessed, like 30 minutes. I turned the drives off came back 8 hours later restarted and the drives would flash atleast 6 times before stop spinning. When i open the drive and then close it it takes another 6-8 flashes and when i goto delete stuff they all get accessed to. Is there a way of finding out what accesses the drives in Windows XP, and is there a way of making them not get accessed unless i go into them, or stop them from taking forever to stop spinning / idle mode. Because its rather annoying and most likely not good for the drive to be accessed 24/7. I have yet to test them on another computer yet, i was hoping this is a easy fix. I have vital files on the drives and can not format them or other options that delete the files. Thanks and Please Help!

Actually, i have the same problem. My drive is always active, most of the time, the led is on non-stop.

I have no clue what’s causing this, but i would realy like to fix this.

I have the exact same problem.

I’m using the newest mybook Essential 2TB

It never stops spinning, working or whatever you call it. And the led keeps flashing of course. Even if I choose the “Safely Remove Hardware” function in Windows 7, it keeps doing the same thing.

Pretty **bleep** bothering, and it can’t be healthy to the hard drive itself.