Active Directory Support gone after firmware update WDEX2

I process the latest firmware which seems to have removed the ability to connect to my active directory. First, I’m not sure about the UI color change, but more importantly why does the device not connect to my AD so that I can control permissions for my users through the AD groups? Plus I have to have the new firmware to use the mobile apps, so my field team is SOL because they’ve already updated their iOS apps. PLEASE FIX THE AD INTEGRATION ASAP

Are you getting a particular error message when you try to manage your Users? Or are you unable to access/see the feature at all?

failure to connect to Active Directory. There is obviously an issue here. When I downgrade the firmware, the AD integration works. I can see users and groups and everything is fine. The other weird issues relates to cloud access, one of the MAJOR reasons we purchase this unit. Now with the old firmware, the relay connection fails so we have no cloud access. We noticed that this was broken which was the reason we upgraded the firmware. However, the AD integration for onsite use is much more important.
If this doesn’t get fixed ASAP and we can’t use AD and connect to the relay for Cloud access, we’ll remove this NAS and move to Synology.