Active Directory Integration Broken - DL4100


I have read all the threads for AD integration, and I am still stumped as to how to grant users access to shares. All attempts after explicitly granting AD user access to a share produce a login prompt that never goes away.

I have a significant test lab. All servers run Server 2012/R2 with latest patches. DL4100 shows as AD domain joined, AD users and groups are visible on the device. The only share that is usable is the default Public share.

I have owned this now for 4 months and still unable to create shares and use AD user/group security. At $1600 this seems like a colossal waste of money. Can someone from WD support actually state when this will be fixed??? And I don’t want to hear about smb config files … obviously something is badly broken. Why does the system have a Windows Workgroup entry after AD domain joined - does WD not understand these are mutually exclusive?

Any help appreciated before I explode.


Hello, can you please share a screenshot from the pop up?


Here is the shot of the test share on the DL4100 followed by error. The username and password are absolutely correct. Also not AD setup on DL4100 shows NTP time source as domain controller holding PDC emulator role, and the time on DL4100 and DC match exactly.

Here is share permissions screenshot from DL4100. Note the same behavior using domain administrator creds - domain admin also has read/write privileges …

Further information:

I logged onto the DL4100 with SSH via Putty and viewed the /etc/samba/smb.conf file. I also reviewed system logs.

The parameter workgroup = PAUKKUNEN in the smb.conf file is inconsistent with the GUI that shows workgroup as WORKGROUP. The logs show failed CIFS logons with my userid even when I enter creds for another user authorized to read/write on the share.

Next I used a separate VM and logged on as domain user dl4100test to that virtual PC. This is to avoid pass-thru authentication as described in previous paragraph. Attempting to access the ADTest share failed with the same results - CIFS authentication error on DL4100. Kerberos service on domain controller shows TGT success for the dl4100test user as well as the computer account wdmyclouddl4100$.

The thread located at DL4100 and DL2100 Domain Join Access Issues by Tim_L solved the problem. Commenting out the invalid users = followed by smbd reload fixes the problem temporarily at least. However any change to shares or a reboot overwrites the changes.

So netting it out, it looks like all AD groups of which a user is a member need to be added as allowed before a user can access a share. Having now spent a few hours on it, I am disgusted. Get your act together! Surely this cannot be that hard to fix …