Active Directory groups

Am I missing something or do I have to select individual users to give access to a share limited by AD permissions?  That’s pretty shortsighted if you ask me.  That’s why groups are created so multiple users can be granted access quickly and easily.  Say a group of programmers in the Develoepers group in AD to be given access to a backup folder location on the EX4.  Crazy that I have to select a dozen programmers when single group should do.  Please tell me I’m missing something.

For that matter, why can’t I grant domain\ read/write access to a given share?  It’s listed right under “admin” as an option but when I select that Windows still prompts me for a username & pwd but when I select my specific AD account it lets me right in.  Something really doesn’t seem like it’s working correctly.


This is also a problem becuase it takes several seconds to click on each user.  This either needs fixed or the drives are goign back, it’s unusable as is.