Active Directory and WD MyCloudEx2 Ultra

Hi Everyone,

I am getting the following error when I try to join my storage to Active Directory.

“Failed to set servicePrincipalNames. Please make sure the Domain Name of this server matches the AD Domain.”

Any Idea?

Firmware Version: 5.12.108

@thiagosouza The following article will help.

My Cloud Active Directory join fails with “Failed to set servicePrincipalNames”

Answer ID 23247

Thank you very much @SBrown , but I keep getting the same error message.

I have already carried out the tests with nslookup and it was successful, but the error persists.



Collect the system logs and send to support.
Normally any error messages will be in /var/log/samba

How to Collect My Cloud System Logs

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any updates on this matter, have same problem

Do you find solve this issues ?

We facing same issues with our device can any one provide integration guide between Wd and ADDS

iة reading official Document but they not explain it as It should