Activation code

I have owned a wd elements drive for over 3 years and thought it was a complicated matter installing it as an extra drive for my pc. I have decided to give it another try installing the software but i keep getting asked for an activation code which if i hav eread right is on the box which i threw out 2 years ago so anyone any ideas how tog et past this proble and thank you.

I have several WD Elements drives both desktops and portables purchased throughout the last decade and up until the present.

All of them have been “Plug And Play” with No Driver Installation or Software Setup to use them with my PC (Windows 7)

In fact, bought a brand new one last week … removed from box, plugged into PC, drive recognized and began using it. (without installing any software)

It puzzles me to read your experience was “complicated” and i have absolutely no idea what “software” you are trying to install that’s asking for an “activation” code. :thinking: