Actions True Image cloning stuck restarting

Today, I purchased a 240 GB Western Digital SSD as an upgrade for my desktop computer. The drive was recognized and initialized by Windows 10 and everything ran smoothly.

I then wanted to migrate my old HDD and Windows 10 installation onto the new SSD. I read some recent tutorials online and many suggested using data migration tools which were made specifically for the SSD I purchased.

I downloaded the Acronis True Image 2016 tool from the Western Digital website and everything worked correctly. It recognized the WD SSD and I clicked the button to proceed to clone all partitions from my HDD onto the new SSD.

Then, Acronis True Image 2016 said I needed to restart to clone. I clicked the “Restart Now” button to begin the restart.

Now, the problem I am having is my computer has been stuck “restarting” for two hours. Windows 10 is stuck on the blue restart screen showing the white dots spinning in a circle and the word “Restarting” but the computer has never turned off.

I’ve read a few articles online trying to troubleshoot this issue but none of them seem to be about the issue I’m having. I’ve read online the computer is supposed to restart into some recovery mode for cloning the hard drive and I’ve read topic upon topic about users running into issues after the restart. But my computer hasn’t even finished restarting or turned off yet.

What is going on?

I had this issue last week - i reran in safe mode and worked okay - I did assume that there may have been other apps that were trying to start on the reboot which might cause the problem.