AcronisAlignTool_s_e_2_0_111.exe NOT OBTAINABLE! How do I get this software?

Ya its showing available but when i am going to download its again transfer me to the home page i already registered  the model but still cant download

What’s your model number?

I can’t get the file. WD7500BPKT on XP

I had the same problem and got the answer that WD moved to a new web page and there can be difficulties about the download of some software, but they will fix it soon. I was able to find another source for this, but I will give that only to my friends, who contact me, since a published link will be deleted for licensing.

The same problem. WD20EARX drive. I hope drive will work better than website. Any ideal how to download software?

eStorm wrote:

The same problem. WD20EARX drive. I hope drive will work better than website. Any ideal how to download software?

What problem are you having, actually?  Have you registered yourself and your drive?

Unfortunately, several weeks after this thread was started, I’m having the exact same problem as the original poster. My new 3TB Green Caviar drive tells me to go to a specific page to download “AcronisAlignTool_s_e_2_0_111.exe” (without which my XP system can’t see the drive). I go to the page and am forced to register, which I don’t appreciate/want/like. To make things worse, the links send me round in circles until I’m back at the page I started on, meaning I end up without the tool I registered to get. VERY frustrating and NOT a good advertisement for WD, who I have always rated very highly.

It’s disappointing to see so many others have had the same problem and WD don’t seem to have done anything about it. The first URL to an alternate copy of the file was deleted (presumably by someone employed by WD who couldn’t be bothered to help us out) and the second (the ftp site) does not open. I will try the Acronis website now to see if the WD Align tool is available there but even if it is, I think I’m still entitled to have a good moan here about the 9 hours I’ve wasted because of WD’s limited/non-existent help. Good luck to anyone who follows me to this page and if anyone knows where to download this file, please help us all out by posting a URL. Thanks.

The cached version of the tool is available at [deleted for licensing] (I hope the link works outside of Ukraine).

Enjoy! Until the link gets banned again :) 

The problem is that it can be a little confusing to find the download link from the portal page. Below you can see the steps that I took to download the WD Align app. 

1-From the available download page for your internal HDD click on Advanced Format Software.

2-Click on Download.

3-This will take you to the Portal login screen. 

4-Once you are logged into your account, go to the Product Registration tab.

5-Click on the Downloads link for your registered HDD

6-This will take you back to the Available Download page, this time when you click again on the download link for the Advanced Format Software, it will take you to the download page.


I am in the same boat as sooo many others here. I received my 1TB WD10EZEX today and need the AF software to use the drive in a USB enclosure on an XP box (for a client). I registered the drive, and went to Downloads for the drive, which took me back to the AF page, and when I click the Download button, it just takes me back to the Manage My Account page. This circle jerk is extremely annoying. I have been a big fan of WD drives to this point - I have 4 of them in my own desktop, and one in my notebook - and I put them in enclosures for use as backup drives and externals for clients. If this isn’t resolved right fast, I will have to switch drive companies.

LIke Alucardx23 said, you have to go to the WD Portal page and sign in/register, first.  Once you’re signed in, then you can go back to the download page, through the portal, and get the software.  We’ve always required you register for certain drive specific software, so you shouldn’t be surprised.  But, yes, it is annoying until you realize that you have to access the downloads through our new WD portal, which is where your account is.  We will work on this, as we go along, to try and make it a bit more user friendly. 

Hey, thanks for the reply!

Is this a different place from where I register my drive? As I mentioned in my original post, I did sign into the portal and registered my drive. I selected the Downloads link under my drive and selected the AF software link. But when I click the Download button, it just takes me back to the “Manage Your Account” page. Quite frustrating.

I have just purchased WD Cavalier Blue and I am having the same problem as others are reporting.  I registered both of my WD drives, but I am not able to download the software.  Please provide manner for accessing it.

Let me have both of your drive model numbers, and what version of browsers you are using, including version numbers.

Model numbers are WD5000AAKX, and the browser is Firefox 14.0.1.

WD10EZEX  &  Firefox 14.0.1

I’m having this looked into now.

peegee wrote:

Model numbers are WD5000AAKX, and the browser is Firefox 14.0.1.

peegee, you should be able to download the Advance Format Software.  You need to go to your registration page on the Customer Portal, then click on the Download link next to your drive.  This will take you back out to the software download page.  When you click on the download button, you will then be taken the software landing page that has all the instructions and from there you can download the software.  If you don’t sign in, you won’t be able to access the software just from the download’s page.

I was able to retrieve the software. Thanks.