I’m interested in the Acronis software…is this downloadable program fully functional?

Are there any restrictions or time limits? Is it a trial version? Nag screens? Can it be upgraded?

What’s the catch? I mean, Acronis doesn’t exactly “give away” their software…am I being too suspicious?

Acronis is a download utility that comes with our hard drives.  It’s a “what you see is what you get” software.  It was designed for use with our hard drives.  It’s not a trial version.  There are no nag screens.  You can upgrade as newer revisions come out.  The only catch is that you have to buy one of our drives to get it.

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" The only catch is that you have to buy one of our drives to get it."

No, that’s not the only catch. The real catch is that if you don’t have a WD drive installed in your machine then you can’t install the software. I bought a new 2.5" WD drive for my laptop assuming that the download would work as advertised and was extremely disappointed when WD tech svc. told me that the originial HDD in my laptop had to also be a WD before I could install and use the Acronis product. I had to hand over the $40 for the full version of Image Home.

I’m pretty unhappy with WD over this.


I apologize for my lack of clarity, but the software comes with our internal drives, as a download.  That’s what I meant.

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