Acronis won't install despite computer having 3 WD drives

Hi there,

Acronis keeps informing me that I must have at least one Western Digital device installed, despite the fact that I have 3. The drives installed are one WD6400AAKS drive, one WD10EZEX drive and one WD2500JS drive.

The only other storage device in the machine is a Samsung SSD, on which Windows is installed. 

Is my problem being caused by the use of a non-WD boot drive? If not, any other ideas? If so, are there any known solutions to this issue?

EDIT: I have some other WD drives in a different computer. Would temporarily moving them over fix the problem? The drives are one WD10EALS, and one WD2002FAEX

I also have a WD5000AAKS but it may or may not be failing, recent attempts to boot from it have been very unsuccessful. I was hoping to use Acronis to rescue data from it. 

Hi there, welcome to the community. Are the drive connected to a RAID controller, I’ve seen that if they are, the Acronis wont see them.

Nope, no RAID controllers in use here.

Hi, I would recommend you to  contact support and see if they have a resolution for this issue.