Acronis with WD Elements problem

Hi. In this link “” the WD Elements disc does not appear either between “External Supported Discs” or between “Discs WD Not Supported”. But in description of Acronis WD “” is among applicable products - such as “WD Conventional Notebooks, Conventional Desktop WD, Desktop Performance WD”. For this I am asking support WD to take this problem seriously and help me solve it. Thank you. With respect.
If someone knows how to make Acronis detect my WD connected via USB, please help me.

Hola. En éste enlace “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” el disco WD Elements no aparece ni entre “Discos Externos Soportados” ni entre “Discos WD No Soportados”. Pero en descripción de Acronis WD “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” está entre productos aplicables - como “Convencionales portátiles WD , Convencionales de escritorio WD , Desempeño de escritorio WD”. Por esto estoy pidiendo a support WD tomar en serio esta problema y ayudarme solucionarlo. Gracias. Con respeto.
Si alguien sabe como hacer que Acronis detecta mi WD conectado por USB, por favor, ayudame.

Hi Alex69,

Unfortunately, WD Elements does not support Acronis True Image WD Edition. You can have a look on below link to know more about the software or tools supported by the WD Elements.