Acronis, will it clone ALL partitions

Acronis, will it clone ALL partitions… including those partitions that would have factory partitions containing re-ilstall and OS software?

EXAMPLE: I want to use the 120gb SSD part of the WD Black2 drive to make an Exact copy of the factory drive. AND on that drive is a partition that contains ALL of the “restore to factory, out of the box” install info.   Will the Acronis WD version clone ALL partitions on the old “Primary” drive to the 120gb “Primary” drive of the WD Black2?

I just don’t want to clone the “C” drive, but the entire Primary drive itself, even the hidden or DOS partitions with the factory re/install info.

ANY advise on another software to do this is welcome.  I have used Macrium Reflect free for many years, and will look into that to see if it will do what I want.




Yes, it will clone every sector of the hard drive.