Acronis WD Clone Software Adventure

Bought a used Gen 4 X1 Carbon in very nice condition. It had a 250Gb drive. Bought an SN750 (NVMe 1 Tb). Did not see the note on how to clone a laptop drive. So… bought NVMe external enclosure for SN750 and cloned the 250Gb drive to it. That all was smooth as glass. Of course I installed the SN750 into the laptop and I cannot boot because it is not active/bootable. Been trying to find a simple utility to let me make the drive bootable but having no luck Any suggestions?

If I don’t figure this out in a few days I have an enclosure coming for the original drive (non-NVMe) and I can then try cloning from that to the SN750 that is not installed. I am expecting that will work if I can’t fix the before then.

I do not have a good opinion of the Acronis True Image software for WD drives. First I cloned the internal drive to one in an external enclosure. It would not boot when installed. Then I wiped that drive, and cloned the original drive from an external drive enclosure to the new internal drive. That drive still would not boot so I just went and reinstalled Windows 10.

If I knew the Acronis software was going to be such a problem for me I would have reinstalled initially, and saved myself a lot of problems.
And, oh… GParted Live was not a bad choice to work with drive partiitons.