Acronis WD Clone Software Adventure

Bought a used Gen 4 X1 Carbon in very nice condition. It had a 250Gb drive. Bought an SN750 (NVMe 1 Tb). Did not see the note on how to clone a laptop drive. So… bought NVMe external enclosure for SN750 and cloned the 250Gb drive to it. That all was smooth as glass. Of course I installed the SN750 into the laptop and I cannot boot because it is not active/bootable. Been trying to find a simple utility to let me make the drive bootable but having no luck Any suggestions?

If I don’t figure this out in a few days I have an enclosure coming for the original drive (non-NVMe) and I can then try cloning from that to the SN750 that is not installed. I am expecting that will work if I can’t fix the before then.

I do not have a good opinion of the Acronis True Image software for WD drives. First I cloned the internal drive to one in an external enclosure. It would not boot when installed. Then I wiped that drive, and cloned the original drive from an external drive enclosure to the new internal drive. That drive still would not boot so I just went and reinstalled Windows 10.

If I knew the Acronis software was going to be such a problem for me I would have reinstalled initially, and saved myself a lot of problems.
And, oh… GParted Live was not a bad choice to work with drive partiitons.

I have purchased the sn750 ssd a year ago and have cloned it many times and the cloned drive never boots up. Macrium software failed recommended fixes also failed to correct. AOMEI software pro and Assistant pro purchased also failed numerous fixes sent also failed. Usease failed sn750 cannot be cloned with a correct MBR boot record, The solution left is reinstall win 10 from scratch but I doubt that will work, Something in that mfg ssd that isn’t supported or known by the Microsoft development team, its ,obvious in the last years attempt to make it run. The correct answer is never update hardware developed after the operating system, just my take, No amount of driver updates or bios update helps.