Acronis... Way to hard to Turn Off and Way to many background Services for comfort

Not sure if im posting on the right forum now but if not then feel free to let me know.

So the Acronis Software, i appreciate its “Free” and so but i have some major issues with it and maybe someone here has a solution to one or more. Because I’m seriously considering to Seriously uninstall it because it behaves a bit as it wants, or rather Exactly as it wants ´and some things i cant seem to do much about it seems. But ultimately I’m in control obviously.

  1. The tray icon, who does it think it is? Ive explicitly unchecked Start with windows in settings as im not ready to start using it quite yet and i won’t want a software I’m not actively using to Loiter around taking up space and resources, obviously. But that’s what this software seems hellbent om doing. I unclick start with windows tick box, Before i restart to see if its a good listener given what i just did. I go into the task manager just to check and IM chocked that this Gremlin has already started about SEVEN Services and i haunt even started it yet.I’m thinking at least theyll be gone from My task manager not Acronis :slight_smile: once the system restart…

I restart and guess who i see asking “Whats Up?” with a French accent in my task tray…?!. Its Acronis task tray bully thing, through which I specifically indicated that I Don’t want anything started with windows. So what is it doing there? I right-click on it and to my surprise there is no Stop, Exit Software or anything like that, Only the “Option” to Open Acronis which disqualifies it as an option in the traditional sense as i Must Open it. I do, only to see that even in there there is no visible and apparent way to actually disable the life willingness of neither the tray tasker Or its Boss, but no shortage of ways for them to get going, which isn’t what i want on this stage, quick check in the task manager and all the previous Acronis services are Back. Im asking my self what is this, i know the French has a reputation of perhaps being misinterpreted as a bit arrogant, but this is not arrogant this thing is testing me :smiley:

If i didn’t know better id say it behaves as a Microsoft software does when they don’t want you to be able to get rid of it…(almost) But seriously though how to turn it OFF in a way that does preferably not involve me seriously blocking it from even executing the first digit of the first line of code it has. And i don’t want its seven services from the netherworld there either…
and when i go into the task manager I’m chocked over how many services this thing has got going without me having even started the darn thing or It even asking if it can spread out like a spinnaker sail at full winds.

I need Acronis to stay Off not a single background service which is not needed either if its intention is to actually stay Off. And i certainly dont want any Acronis hoodlum in my task tray eithe, who knows what that thing does ones the screen saver draws its blanket over things.

Is the only option to surgically disable it not through willingly taken commands but through harsh 3rd party methods, perhaps a language this Acronis will listen to better, i say with a badly imitated French accent. It is a French software isn’t it? (More than This i have nothing what so ever against the French of course, unless i have another copy on my other pc then its One more thing though, but I’m confident it won’t happen!

WD is not going to do anything, its not their software. If you don’t like it then use something less intrusive like Macrium Reflect Free.

Sure i get that its not Theirs as in they made it. But they are providing it.
I just wanted to ventilate my frustrations, and had a naive thought that by now they were reviewing the entire partnership with Acronis, just one more hurdle to pass, how and with what to show their gratitude towards my heroism…Is it even possible, with just simple mortal imagination at their disposal?! Even the word Gratitude feels clumsy, distasteful an ungrateful in their mouths when whispering about this …

Seriously though, the first two sentences were true…the rest was just an attempt to draw the attention away from the fact I was Completely ignored. :joy: