Acronis TrueImage WD Edition - Support for USB Flash Drive

Running XP SP3 on Dell Inspiron 8600.  Installed latest Acronis True Image WD edition - build 5962 - which shows support for USB FLASH DRIVES in the Acronis Media Builder application - where you can creat bootable media for recovery.

Application allows me to select either ISO image or the mounted flash drive. Note I do not have a CD installed on this machine.  Software accepts my selection of the flash drive - goes through its file prep and downloads files to the flash drive successfully.

Unfortunately, the resulting image on the USB flash drive is NOT BOOTABLE on my Dell.  I used RUFUS to create an MSDOS bootable image on the same drive which worked without a glitch. 

There is limited coverage of this functionality in the manual - and I have seen at least one other posting on this board indicating that bootable USB drives were not supported, but that note  failed to specify the version of software.

Please advise if this is suppose to work on latest build and potential fix.


Check pager # 88 of the user’s manual.

It explains the USB Flash needs to be formatted as FAT32.