Acronis TrueImage WD and MyCloud EX2 Ultra CAN'T RECOVER FROM NAS!

So here’s the issue: This NAS is touted as a data backup repository. Backups, even from multiple computers, are a snap to set up with the provided Acronis software.
BUT - when I make RECOVERY media (to a USB drive) and try to see the NAS (using a Dell XPS 8940 - Gen 10 i7, 8GB RAM, Killer E2600 NIC card) it’s invisible. This means that all that work dutifully backing up to a NAS is useless (or less useful; one could connect a USB drive to the NAS or another, working, computer and do the recovery locally, I suppose). The culprit appears to be the lack of the NIC card driver on the recovery media, and not a lot of ways to put it there. HELP!!!

Update: There’s a workaround. Seems that making a custom recovery drive and ADDING THE DRIVER - COMPLETE FOLDER CONTAINING .INF AND .SYS FILES - FOR YOUR NETWORK ADAPTER will help. For me, it still didn’t display the NAS. I was able to type in the IP address 2 backslashes before and one after (I believe NetBIOS name with same slashes will also work) where it says “file name” and it then showed the shares. Still, I believe the NAS is supposed to signal somehow “I am a NAS” on the network and be recognized as such, and my MyCloud doesn’t do that…

Or the issue is with the Acronis boot media not using SMB1.0 protocol properly, or not using the SMB protocol at all. One possible workaround is to access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network > Windows Services on the My Cloud EX2 Ultra and change the Max SMB Protocol to the lowest value (SMB1.0 if available) and see if that fixes the issue with the Aconis boot media not seeing the My Cloud on the local network.

Note that there are specific subforums where the My Cloud EX2 Ultra is being discussed and where users more familiar with that device may be able to assist with future issues with the EX2 Ultra.

OS5 (v5.x) Firmware My Cloud EX Series

OS3 (v2.x) Firmware My Cloud EX2