Acronis True Image WD Edition

hi there,

I have just used this “Acronis True Image WD Edition” software to copy my OS / boot disk.
Before i used a 256GB SSD which was constantly full. So i bought a bigger one which is 528GB.

So now comes the issue i have been experiencing.

I connected my 256GB ssd ( boot drive ) and source drive, in the true image software.
I also connected my 528GB ssd as destination drive.

Well i have been watching some information/tutorial video’s about this program.
It works very easy and quick. BUT the destination SSD is now the same size as my source SSD after this copy.

I have been trying some things or trying to search for some information about this issue.
But i haven’t found any relative information.

So i found this forum where i hope to find someone which could help me out.
@diskmanagement i saw this

i would really appreciate some help


Please try using the software using the manual clone.

Make sure you read step 6 of the instructions as this will help to set the drive properly without using the full size of the new drive.

Lastly, three different data moving methods will be presented to copy the partition:
As is: The data from the hard disk will be moved to the new drive as is. The size of the partition(s) will not be changed.
Proportional: The original partition sizes will be scaled according to the new drive size. If the new drive is smaller in size the partitions will shrink accordingly. If the new drive is larger, the partitions will be enlarged proportionally.
Manual: Allows setting partition sizes manually.