Acronis true image wd edition - won't resize from 900mg to 2000mg

howdy y’all,

specs …

os = win7 fully patched

ati-wde = 2010 build 14.010

source drive = wd1002faex-00z3a0 [c:, boot & hidden win7 system]

target drive = wd20eads-22r6b0 [tested, works in win7 quite nicely]

problem …

if i choose to set the target partition size as either “PROPORTIONAL” or “MANUAL” [what i really want to do] the program fails with the following error …


failed to move the selected data. make sure that your new drive is no smaller than your old one and your partitions do not contain errors. you can check for the errors and correct them with a special utility.


note that the danged error msg text CANNOT be copy/pasted. [*sigh …*]

note that the “special utility” is not identified in any way. [*frown*]

i’ve tested the target drive. used win7 to partition, format & copy 200 gigs of data to it. the drive appears to be FINE. i’ve tried ati-wde with the target partition removed, too.

interestingly, if i choose to set the target size to “AS IS” ati-wde will accept that. [*sigh …*] again …

this entire exercise is cuz ati-wde resized the hidden boot partition [what is that _properly_ called?] when i moved from a slow 2tb drive to the new, fast 1tb drive. now that partition is 48mg and windows backup chokes since there is not enuf space on that partition to prep the backup. yes, i know i can use other stuff to backup - ati-wde for instance [*grin*] - but i don’t want an unneeded glitch sitting around waiting to bite me! i am a devout believer in murphy.

the point is to resize the hidden partition to the original 100mg size & get it back on the nice, fast wd1002faex.


here’s a screen shot of the error msg…

help? please?

take care,


Have you contacted Tech Support about this?  If not, then I’d recommend you do so.  You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

There may be a compatibility problem with the software. I believe it is based on True Image 2009 which came out before Windows 7 and it has been altered from full version. You might look on the Acronis forums also They may have more knowledge about the problem.


howdy Joe_S,

thanks for the response. i’ve looked in the acronis forums and found only a few mentions that there is no clear area to post for users of the ati-wde product. [*grin*]

in my OP you can see the version is the 2010 build 14.010 release and wd support page for that item claims that is the newest they have. i’ll try posting there and see what i get.

take care,


howdy bill_s,

i had not yet contacted wd tech support. i’ll do that right quick. thanks for the link! [*grin*]

take care,


Trouble with this software you fall in a noman’s land with both sieds telling you to see the other! Did you try running this from the rescue/boot disk? That elmininates a lot of conflicts becaues it runs in Linux in temp ram disk I think. That;s how I do my system images and recoveries.


howdy Joe_S,

i’m waiting on a response form either acronis or wd. none yet. [*sigh …*]

my major question is wondering why i can’t re-resize the partitions AT ALL with ati-wde 2010. moving to a bigger drive is what often happens and i don’t see what the heck is preventing anything other than a “current size” clone operation.

i will try the boot cd i made with ati-wde when i 1st installed it. thanks for the reminder.

from a user post on the acronis forums i learned that hte system reserved partition is NOT required. i may just give in and remove the silly thing. [*grin*]

take care,


At least they have a lot of useful things there to look through. And their tech people are also involved. Not much here to help with out a lot of searching.


FYI, getting the exact same message trying to clone a WE10EADS to a WD15EARS.  Frustrating!

What OS are you trying to clone?  Read through this maybe it will help  Will Imaging work instead of cloning?

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howdy y’all, i gave up and simply removed the hidden system volume. it seems to be un-needed … i’ll close this thread if i can figure out how. [*grin*] take care, lee


Thanks for the link.  Seems what I was really wanting to do way create an image for disaster recovery.  So, you put me on the right track.  I still can’t perform the clone but don’t really care at this point.

I’m now over it :slight_smile: