Acronis True Image WD Ed. How to delete bootup clone task?

I setup a clone of drive C boot drive to clone it over to another drive.
After a process or 2 Acronis says I must reboot to continue (I’ve done this before so no surprise there).
Upon reboot it attempts to start copying my C drive to the new drive but I get a “Can’t find boot partition” error. I can hit a key to boot my OS normally.
I subsequently used the make image and make recovery CD method to finish my cloning so that’s not my question here.

My problem is this task will not die on bootup! Every boot now tries to do this clone task. I looked through startup in MSCONFIG and disabled all Acronis named items. I stopped the scheduler service.
Still it comes every boot. I also do NOT want it to do this task as my drives all redone since I intiated it and it will destroy a good drive’s data if it ever is successful in proceeding!
I cannot see it "scheduled within the Windows Acronis interface either.


I run Win7 64 bit.

I posted this in the Acronis forum

but so far the things suggested are not available in WD version.


The WD edition has been customized by WD I think it’s currently based on TI 2012. Look in Windows Services and see if there are any Acronis services set to run in auto and change them to disable or manual. You might also check Windows Task Scheduler and see if there is anything there.