Acronis True image 2019 / MyBook 8TB Problems

Using this drive as the main backup drive for my system with Acronis True Image 2019 backup. Have accessed this drive thru win 10 (64) before. Latest backup Acronis warns it’s “unable to start data stream”. In an effort to find where the issue was changed the backup to include the C: drive only and let acronis format the drive for boot. Now the drive is not recognized by windows or Acronis. What I need to figure out is how can I get it back to the as shipped state? I don’t care about the existing backups on the drive.
The drive is still seen in Disk management, but it is set to multiple partitions. A 2 GB Unallocated, 2046 GB NTFS Healthy (Active, Primary Partition) and 5404.04 Unallocated. Can I just merge the 2 larger partitions together and assign a drive letter or is there files that need to be on the MYBook that I am not aware of?

Hello OldMan66,

You can try to check drive using the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic tool and reformat it to get to use your drive from the start. After the reformat, you will be able to create new partitions and assign drive letters to use.

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