Acronis True Image 2016 WD version

I bought a 6tb WD Black SATA internal drive to upgrade my current system. My system has an HGST (c:) with an extended partition and a Seagate drive with an extended partition. When I installed the Acronis software that I downloaded off the WD support site it removed the extended partition information. How can I recover my partition information ??? Not only did it remove the partition information it deleted the Seagate Disk wizard from my pc. I downloaded some third party software that shows the partitions are marked as unallocated.

Hello there,

I would recommend you use a Data Recovery software to recover your data and then re-partition your drive.

I am NOT exactly a fan of True Image in any incarnation but having to buy recovery software seems a far fetch after just using some software that is supposed to protect you from exactly that. I keep systems separate on different disks in my server and use an 8TB Back up hub to keep complete disks backed up on my laptops. My My Cloud is just for the hot data being moved during the day.

A note, EasyBCD creates a system failure when mixed with MBR and GPT EFI systems. Avoid that or your boots will get fouled up.


My problem is that I have 4 Western Digital hard drives attached to the system and the software will not see them to allow me to install it!! They are all attached via SATA to mobo and I have tried initializing them and formatting them too but still no dice :frowning:

Hi Dopalgangr,

If you look in Device Manager, you will see how the system reports what disks are in your system, that is what seems to count. Unless it sees a WD or San Disk(this is new to the version 33), it is not going to work. If you can get your hands on a HGST USB 3.0 2.5" attachment unit for getting a WD drive recognized in the Device Manager, you are stuck. Thermaltake and Seagate attaching hardware won’t work, those units just fake out the system and Acronis says not a WD or San Disk drive and shuts down.

Hope this helps,