Acronis True Image 2014 and My Cloud

I am thinking of buying a My Cloud Drive and I am wondering if I can use my Acronis backup software on the drive. What I mean is,will I be able to backup Outlook and files as I would on any other  hard drive?

I have Acronis 2013 and can backup to mine no problems, havent tried a restore yet though !  Most of my backups I use WD Smartware and have done restores from that.

I am using Acronis True Image 2014. It backs up and validates very well on this NAS; you can open TIB files in Windows explorer and mount images as if they were local files, but it cannot recover images.

Several times, I tried to recover an image stored directly on the NAS with the Acronis recovery CD through Ethernet connection. The recovery CD is the recommended solution for a full image recovery. You can browse to the backup, but you can’t recover. The image is deemed corrupted. As of today, I tried with different backup images and computers, to no avail. I cannot say this is a systematic issue, but the fact is that, in my case, couldn’t get to recover. On the Acronis True IMage home forum, you will find other users complaining about the same issue.

My workaround is to use Safepoint to copy/mirro the images stored on the NAS to a local USB disk formatted NTFS (using Safepoint is a good practice anyway), Then you can eject the USB disk from the NAS, plug it in your computer, and execute the recovery.

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Thank you both for your replies. I use other software for the imaging of operating systems hard drives and restore through their Image for Linux software which works using Ethernet.

I use Acronis for backing up and restoring of Outlook (pst) and other files on 3 computers.

Thanks again for your help.

OK. I don’t use Acronis for file, email or sync backup at all, and I didn’t try on the NAS that feature. For files, I do sync to the NAS.

Glad I read this I will use my external HDD to do my backup on acronis I could have ended up in big trouble !