Acronis software

I read that if you buy a new WD drive you get a free copy of Acronis True Image. Can anyone verify this? I’ve bought 4 WD drives in the last 3 months.

Hi they come with Acronis True Image WD Edition. You can get it under downloads for your drive from WD.

Is this the trial or commercial version? When I try to load Utility and tools it gives me a message saying I need to upgrade to the commercial version to utilize the full functionality of the software.

It is a customized version not the full paid vrsion.


When I run the WD version of Acronis True Image there is a note on the bottom line:

“This product edition has limited functionality.  Get full version”

When I click the link I am taken to a WD- branded upgrade page on the Acronis website which appears to say I can upgrade for $29.99, but when I try to upgrade it tells me that it requires a serial number form an earlier version. Am I entitled to a discounted upgrade because I bought a WD hard drive?