Acronis removed all my partitions

I used acronis true image WD edition to restore drive C from a backup on drive D , after restoring it I only can see drive C & D instead of  (C, D, E, F, G, H) .

Can I get those drives back with their contents ???

I’m on Windows XP SP2

Hi there, did you manually check on disk management if the other partitons are inactive?

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hi PizzaMatrix

how to do that ? is it a Windows tool ?

by the way I’m on Win XP SP2

Right click on My Computer and select Manage then look in upper left corner and select Disk Management.


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I got (C, D & 680 GB free space) … looks like Acronis restored the whole Drives with the drive C image, not only drive C … and the reason it didn’t remove D drive because it has the restored image on it.

Now is there any way I can get my drives & the data on it back ??

I found a solution : I used “Active@ Partition Recovery” software to recover lost partitions & almost got all data back

Thanks everybody

Another Question : How can I restore a single partition with Acronis True Image WD Edition ?

Is that possible or I should be able only to restore an entire Hard disk ??

I’ve only restored my system partition. I backup each partition separately.


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Thank you for the feedback, this can help other users on the same situation.