Acronis FREE doesn't complete the driver cloning

So far, I’m happy with my new drive but I can’t finish the job of cloning my old drive. Having used a variety of partitioning software I was able to get what I wanted out of Acronis … ALMOST.

Like many commercially available computers, mine came with a hidden image of Windows 7 rather than DVDs. The partition was copied successfully, but it’s no longer hidden. Unfortunately, the partition is just the right size for the image. Now WIndows keeps notifying me that I’m running out of space on my D: drive. I’m not, of course, but Windows doesn’t know that.

I can’t expand that partition to get rid of the persistent warning messages because it’s a system partition, Both the WD-Free and the Demo versions of Acronis won’t let me use the “hide drive” function.


Hi, assuming that the cloning worked fine, download gParted and hide that partition.
gPArted will be running from a bootable cd so it’s easy enough to fix.

Make sure you select the right partition to hide :slight_smile: