Acronis cloning problem

I am unable to clone a 2TB Seagate drive (with only 63GB allocated) to a 250GB VelociRaptor which I want to use for a system drive.

Acronis reboots to do the clone, I see it load and put up logos, there is just a flash of what I think is the Acronis progress screen. then the system reboots again into Windows.

The Acronis log does not have any error messages, the last entry just says it is starting to do the clone.

What is happening? I am asking it to do a proportional image. The source drive has two partitions (350 MB and 1862.67GB primary), the destination drive has had a “clean” done on it by “diskpart”.

I used the Windows disk manager to check the drive, it says I can shrink the volume to 63GB so there are no unmoveable files at locations greater than the size of the VelociRaptor.

Perhaps it is because I have Windows 8? The Acronis software seemed to install and run correctly, and it is running standalone when it fails. The VelociRaptor still has no partitions on it after the failure, so it seems likely the issue is with the contents of the source drive.

It’s quite possible that it is Windows 8 I think they are in the process of updating it. Right now it’s based on TI 2009 which came out before Windows 7. Maybe you can find an alternative here  You might also be able to create an image and use that on the new drive instead of cloning.


I picked up a copy of Acronis True Image 2013 and cloning worked correctly using that version.

(This was not an issue in my case, but in researching this apparently some people with motherboards using an UEFI firmware implementation which contains “secure boot” will have to disable that option for older versions of True Image.)