Acronis cloned drive will not boot on Dell Insprion windows 10


I have added the new WD Green drive to my computer, created the partition and assigned a drive letter.
I then downloaded and installed Acronis software. I successfully selected the source drive c: and the destination drive g:. The software ran without an error. The system shutdown and I then started up the computer. The Dell logo appeared, the screen went blank and all that was left was the little blue circle with the mouse and a black screen. Not knowing what the process was I let it run over night. IN the morning, nothing was changed. Just a black screen, blue circle and mouse pointer. I went into the BIOS and changed the boot sequence back to the C: drive. It boots successfully from there but not the newly cloned drive (tried it 2 more times). Suggestions appreciated. Thanks!

BTW I can see the C: drive was cloned partitions are the same and the data is there.

When you cloned it, did you include the boot partition?