Acronis can't see the WD drive, will not install

I bought a new WD Blue to replace the hard drive on my Asus laptop, running Win10. I have the SSD drive running in a case plugged into the USB port. I can see it, and read and write to the SSD drive.
I down loaded the Acronis software from the WD site. When it runs to do the install, it says no WD drive present. I’ve even run the install on the WD SSD drive. Directs me to the Acronis site to buy the software.
any suggestions ?

It might be that the USB case is masking the identity of the WD installed in it. You might want to try Macrium Reflect Free. It won’t care about the USB adapter disguising your drive.

thanks for your reply. I’ll give that a try, sounds very likely the problem.

Many users reports that Acronis True Image WD Edition not clone WD drives and receives “Acronis True Image WD Edition Installation Restricted - This product edition requires at least one Western Digital drive to be installed in your system" message. That’s might because your WD SSD is connected via a USB cable so it cannot be found by the software. To solve this, you can contact WD support to download a special .exe file. Then run the .exe file 3-4 times. After that, run the Acronis install file again and it will find the WD drive and allow you to proceed.

After a few attempts with Acronis software for WD I gave up. I looked for free software, but none was cloning in that version. None? Well there is one that made the cloning for free Macrium Reflect 7, thanks Macrium. Simple and fast software. After a few minutes everything was running smoothly. I had the 250GB WD Blue M.2 2280 SSD in an external USB box, to which I wanted to transfer the main disk, very simple cloning. Then it was just a replacement. My sistem Acer Predator with W10 Home.

So this is mind numbing. I purchased WD because of the name and specs. I have the SSD connected to my laptop via USB 3 cable and enclosure. I have made it a MBR and it has a valid partition volume E showing on my laptop. I have contacted Acronis and they say you have to go to OEM of the drive and I have timed out 4 times for tech support on line tech. Sigh. This program will not see the SSD event though everything looks good on the WD dashboard. Firmware up to date. How many hours do end users need to spend on this. If Acronis is the issue WD should pick another vendor or give use a 10 trial of the full blown software. Sigh. I should have picked another product. Will need to spend money on this to clone existing drive. Should take that into account when you spend your money.

I cant agree more, I Recieved the drive on Wednesday and here it is Friday and I am still fooling around with it. I did all the same steps as outline above. Perviously I purchased Samsung and had no problems. I would not buy WD again.

Does anyone have this .exe? Contacting support yielded nothing.