Acronis backup and photo organizer problems

I recently bought a WD my cloud home duo for backup purposes:

  1. of my pc, using Acronis True Image 2021 backup software
  2. of my smartphone photo’s, using the WD automatic download via the WD phone app.

For 1): In W10 file explorer, I see the Z: drive of my WD NAS. …but Acronis does not see it as a target drive. I already found many communications … but no solution.

For 2): the automatic sync of my thousands of phone’s photos’s puts them in 1 large folder on my WD NAS, but I have not found a way to organize them on my WD folder in additional folders. If I move them to a new created folder on my NAS they are re-sent again by the phone app to the original large list. The only way seems t be I would need to remove them one by one immediately from my phone.

I hope somebody can help… because it looks I can’t use my new WD NAS at all right now.
Many thanks in advance for your help


Please refer to the following KBA article: Acronis True Image for Western Digital Online User Guide and Solutions

Many thanks Logan
I’m using the full Acronis TI version (not the free “Acronis TI for WD” with reduced functionalities)
Looking at the list … I fear the WD cloud home is not working at all with Acronis TI SW (whatever version…)
A real pitty, because I pushed my son to buy this WD cloud home together with the Acronis backup SW for assuring backup of his business data…
Now it looks like the WD cloud NAS is completely useless for him, neither for his PC, neither for his smart phone…