Acronis Back on My Book external drive

Yesterday, I downloaded and installed the Acronis True Image Backup for WD on my computer. Since then my computer is running slow. Is this the experienec of others? How do I resolve this problem. Example. when I click on a video, it takes very long time to load and the video and the images take time to load / play.
Would appreciate any help to resole this problem. The OS on my computer is W10.

Hi @RWD18,

Please check the article to check common causes and solutions of slow backups:

Hello Keerti,
Thanks for your response. The link you sent does not help with my problem.
My problem is not with the back up process. It worked fine. The real problem is that when the back up has finised and the drive is disconnected, the computer is slow. In one of the help pages it suggested switching off the ‘Acronis protection’ as was known to be slowing down the computer. I switched off Active Protection. Therewas no improve ment in the speed of the computer. When play video for example, the it starts buffering every few seconds.
In desperation I uninstalled ‘Acronis True Image for Western Digital’ and my computer has gone back to its normal speed.
Now I neither have the WD back up software or a usable Acronis Back up Software recommende by WD.
What are my optiuons now?