Achieving 2000MiB/s on SS530 via dual port

In the datasheet, it was mentioned that each of the “Write Throughput (max MiB/s, Seq 128KiB)” performance is 2120 MiB/s. How did you measure this throughput? Here’s what we got after testing:

  • 1 DW/D: 500MB/s (with SAS)
  • 3 DW/D: 1000MB/s (with SAS)


Can I know how you tested and setup to get this performance? We are using Mini SAS HD interface with RAID controller to PCIe Gen3, but we are not able to get that performance at 2120MB/s that you have published.

This is a user-to-user community, so it’s possible that WD won’t respond, but just a question:

Are you using both of the SAS ports?

I understand that this is u2u platform, I’d just like to listen from the folks out there if there’s anyone who uses SS530 to achieve high performance on sequential write.

For your information, yes, we are using dual SAS ports. The website of WDC states the performance of SS530 is able to achieve 2120MiB/s, however we tested it’s only ~1400MiB/s, significant difference in between.


This is really a shame on the support of WDC enterprise who are not able to provide any support and I’ve to reach out the community in search of similar use case.

Let me know if you have any findings or thoughts.

Hello dear C_W_H!

I use two WUSTR6416ASS204 + Adaptec ASR-8805 + Adaptec 12G HDmSAS cables + Intel 8xSAS 12G single port backplane without SAS expanders.

With block=128K, seq. read or seq. write i get 2+GB/s without any problems seq. read example

But i worry about random 4K performance, i get only 150K IOPS read; 80-100K IOPS write with that disks. I am very dissapointed that extremly low speed. WD lying about real 4K performance of that drives. It must be 440K read and 240K write.