Accuweather UK Locations

 Can you get Accuweather UK locations on the WD TV Live Hub and if not how can you turn of the temperature reading as the temperature in a US location is not much use to me.

Hi, i can confirm that you can get weather for most locations worldwide including the UK with the Accuweather plugin

Also you can change from F to C

Hope that helps

I believe anywhere Non-US, you need to type out the name of the location in full.

Type out the full name of your city or town, ignore the quick suggestions on the right and go down and click submit.

A larger list will appear, select the correct one and all done.

At the top of the page is an F if you select it and press ok it will change to C.

Hi mri15 - thank for that.  I was having the same problem.  I’ll give it a go.  But is there a way to turn off the weather icon and temperature altogether?