Accuweather does not list Canadian cities

No Canadian cities (that are near me) come up. Is there anything I can do? Failing a way to get some useful city in Ontario to show up, how do I get rid of the temperature display?

Have you tried manually typing in a city? Some have reported that worked for them (they mentioned that you had to type in the whole city name for it to work). Good Luck!

Any town / city outside of the USA has to be typed in full and then either selected from the list on the right - probably at the bottom or you can submit and select from the list displayed.

Typing in full did the trick. I stopped typing as soon as the list to the right emptied out (since I was seeing all sorts of international cities come and go). A couple more keystrokes and the right thing appeared.


For US cities you can put in the zip code and it works.  I tested if a postal code would work for Torronto (M4B 1B3), but it too is no-go. Shucks.