Accuweather Crash

When I start Accuweather, it asks me for a city.  No matter what I select, it crashes, and reboots.  Is there some trick to repair it?   

Hello, check if you have the latest firmware update installed, if the problem continues you can try pressing the reset button on the bottom side for 1 second. Check the link below for more information. 

How to automatically or manually update the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center or WD TV Live Streaming Media Player 

Page 200 of the manual

Firmware: 3.12.13.  

Same crash happened with the previous version too.  Something must be corrupted.  

Hi again, did you tried to reset all of the setting to factory default?

I’ve downloaded a dozen or so movies to the local drive, mostly HDX from VUDU, but a few from CinemaNow as well.  I’m concerned about wiping account information.  I’d like to get the weather working, but not if it means I need to download all of those movies from scratch again.  It took weeks for them to download over the slow Internet at the hotel.  

As an analogy, it feels like formatting the hard drive when MS Word is not working.  It may fix Accuweather, but it will take weeks to get back to where I am now.  

Are there any alternatives?  

Doing a factory restore, will only touch the WDTV settings/configuration but not any of the files that you have saved. 

“Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default – restores all media center system preferences and playback settings to their default factory values. This may correct problems caused by a failed firmware upgrade or faulty configuration settings.”