Account and Username access

I have a Dell pc running Win 78 64 bit.  I have a single user account (Administrator) and no passwords set.  On my network I also have a DLink Quattro ShareCenter with two volumes mapped as drives V and W on the pc. The DLink has no user accounts or groups set up, everything is freely available. I can see both my pc and the D-Link from the WDLive but as soon as I select either I get a screen up with an account named anonymous and inviting a password.  Whatever I do (eg delete anonymous and leave account blank), I cannot get past this screen.  I do not want to operate with any account/password - how do I get rid of this and get straight to the shares?  Many thanks


Don’t delete Anonymous.  Just leave it there, leave the password alone, and proceed from there.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work.  I can see my D-Link, my pc and my son’s pc identified as network shares.  As soon as I select any of these I get the anonymous screen up.  As you suggested, I did not touch either account or password fields and clicked OK.  That brings up the keyboard.  I navigated to the Submit button, clicked on it and it goes right back to the  anonymous/password screen.  Any thoughts?

Don’t do that. :slight_smile:

When the Username / Password fields appear, just hit “right” button over to the checkmark and click OK from there.

You can optionally select the “Add to Media Library” or “Remember Me” checkmarks before doing that.

I’m a bit mystified.  Just to be clear, I’ve got the little WD TV Live.  The account/password screen has only the account and password fields and Cancel and OK button.  There are no other option buttons to click.  I did as you suggest - went right to the OK and clicked.  Same as before - straight to the keyboard.  The I navigated to Sumbit and clicked and straight back to the account/password screen!  

Sorted it!  Decided (belatedly) to look at the options settings!  Found one to select auto log-on to shares, then cleared all previously remembered log-on info and away we went!  Thanks for all your advice.