According to WD tech, no subtitle support with .ISO files

So might want to check elsewhere for more robust streamers, especially with all the stuff just coming out from CES.

I’ve tried both .srt and .sub/.idx with my BD .iso’s with no luck.  The .iso’s play just fine, but no subtitle support.

Put them in the same folder, with the same name as the movie.

Toggled subtitle functionality both on and off, but each time just tells me no subtitles were found.

This works with everything else but guess this device just can’t support that, not to mention embedded subs, menus, chapters with .iso’s etc.

Its not a bad device for streaming music though, or simpler video files.

But after calling tech support, seems the device can’t handle subtitles (either extern or internal) with blu-ray rips in their native, .iso format.

What do yo expect  ?

Playing isos and separate subtitles ?

No Windows Player can do this.

If You want to play separate subtitles You have to use mkv container.

Simple convert (no reencode) every movie to mkv with makemkv