Accidentally wiped out NAS PR4100

I am using Mac and WD PR4100 NAS. I seem to have completely wiped out my 2x8tb (RAID1) NAS. I may have deleted a file by accident and then began (what looked like a reformatting) of the drives. (I’m not even sure I did anything wrong) Anyway, I wasn’t aware of what was going on until it was over. Now I have 0 files left and none of my shares. The Recycle Bin is not there either. I can access the MyCloud screen but cannot connect to NAS with Finder. Is there a chance I can recover my files?

@dr.mesmer You may have better luck getting help and an answer if you post in the sub-forum for you WD device.

The Learning Center can be used too for more information and the User Manual for your device.