Accidentally kicked off format drive w.o. reading manual


First time user:

For 1st time since purchase 1 year ago; I plugged in my Passport 1TB and it asked me to do a format…I wasn’t thinking nor read the drive manual and allowed it to format…

Then I realized that there were files (including the manual) on the drive…so I terminated the formatting after ~5min of silent activity.

I proceeded to do a manual backup of critical files treating the Passport as a flash memory stick.  That seemed successful.   Question is:  Is my Passport partially corrupted?  Reformatted?  

I plan to continue only manual backups, w.o. loading software onto my PC-XP.  What should I do?   Reformat completely?

How could I retain the WD files/manuals/etc?   I can always rebackup my critical PC files.

Thanks;   Scott


Is my Passport partially corrupted?  Reformatted? 

Yes, it might be. My recommendation is to reformat the drive completly to avoid any data corruption.

How could I retain the WD files/manuals/etc?

You can download that from the wd web site at any time…