Accidentally formatted wd external hard disk (help)

I accidentally formatted my external hard disk when I connect it to my phone using a usb adapter. Is there anyway I can recover my files? Pls help. the hard disk contains very important data.

gOOgle … Data Recovery Software

optional, add “Free” to the search

Remember … you will need another hard drive to recover the data to eg. 1TB of lost data will need need 1TB of free space on a different hard drive to recover to.

I tried several free data recovery software but all of them only shows the deleted files, and unable to recover them unless I purchase the full version.
Do you have any other solutions?

i’ve tried “Recuva” Free version which does allow you the option to recover files without any purchase

I have successfully recovered my data with the help of Stellar Phoenix free data recovery software. You can also try this if you want to recover your data.

you don’t have a lot of data … do you :wink:

real “useable” cost is between $49 ~ $99