Accidentally Erased the Software from MyBook


I accidentally deleted everything on my MYBOOK, including the software that runs it, when I was reformatting my computer a couple of years ago. Stupid mistake on my part. I never got around to fixing the issue.

I just got another computer and I need to move a substantial amount of files from my old computer to the new one, which is situated in another room, so I want to transfer them to MYBOOK and store some of them there instead of loading up my other hard drive.

Where can I download the software that runs this external hard drive so that I can access it. Right now it’s just a dead piece of equipment. My old computer has Windows 7 pro, and the new one is Windows 10.

I’ve been there, but I don’t know what to download. Everything was erased off of the drive, including the software that ran it. That’s what I’m looking to download again. Is there a direct link to what I need to download, or can you tell me the name of what I need to look for?

Well, unfortunately I can’t find any WD products that match that part number. the part number is close to the WD2500C032 (the My Book Essentials 250G drive) – but, for that model, there is no software that is REQUIRED to run it. It’s a native USB drive to Windows requiring nothing else.

When I first got the drive and plugged it into my computer CPU, it went through “plug and play” and showed “new drive found” or something like that. And when I went to “My Computer” it was visible like my C and D drive.

Since that failed reformat of my desktop a few years ago, the drive doesn’t do “plug and play” when plugged in, and it doesn’t show up in “My Computer” at all. It’s like it’s not even plugged in.

Do you care about the old data that is on the MyBook? If not, you should be able to reformat the MyBook with whatever partition type you want, and then use the external drive as normal. If that data is still important, then you do not want to reformat. What happens when you connect the MyBook to one of your computers?

There is no data on the MyBook. I wiped it out by mistake when trying to reformat my computer. I failed to unplug it before I started my reformat and accidentally wiped out everything.

Nothing happens when I plug it in. Absolutely nothing.

It was working great until that day, then it didn’t.

If you formated your MyBook by accident and it either failed or you interrupted it half way through, your WD HDD has no functioning partition on it. Your Windows Computer only shows you successfully formated drives, that’s probably why it doesn’t show up.

I’d recommend to install a handy tool from WD called “Western Digital Data LifeGuard Diagnostics”, it’ll help you identify and test your drive.