Accidentally Detached In Storage

Hello Everyone,

I Have something Problem in my Cloud

im trying to troubleshoot my WD my Cloud to make it back only … and Then i accidentally detatch the device in my Account … how can i Fix it back?

i trying to make a troubleshoot and show this … i know the code but when i use the code it show that i need reset already setup

Unfortunately the MCH does not warn user enough (it should be in bold red letters) and there is no easy way to recover data. It does give a warning

Are you sure you want to detach from My Cloud Home xxx device?
Proceeding with detaching device will permanently delete all of the data on your
current My Cloud Home device. There’s no going back. Ever. You can’t undo this
After detaching from your device it will be not available in My Cloud Home app.
Also you will be signed out of your account to complete the detach process Are
you sure you want to proceed with detaching from this device?

i have one more question

is the User of the WD owner …

can they access the storage or not?