Accidentally deleted `TimeMachine backup" share

Hi I accidentally deleted the TimeMachineBackup share from my EX2ultra! Is there anyway of bringing the share back without system restore?

Hi V_A,

You can only recover the files from the My Cloud Recycle Bin as the Recycle Bin is located at the share level named “Recycle bin - Volume_1”. To know more, you can refer the link given below.

As the Time Machine share is accidentally deleted from the device, we would recommend you to contact data recovery to recover the data stored in the device. You can refer the link given below to know about the details of the WD approved data recovery companies.

Thanks PB. Also, is there any way I could recreate aTimeMachineBackup that does not index mycloud or twonky?

Hi V_A,

Yes, you can manually create a Time Machine Backup share and keep turned OFF the Media Streaming which won’t allow to index Twonky on My Cloud.

Thanks PB. So in summary, there is no advantage in bringing back the original with system restore since I could recreate the same as you mentioned. Right?