Accidentally deleted shared videos

Does anyone know how to recover deleted items from the public folder? I accidentally deleted my shared videos folder with 15GB worth of vids in it. Rookie mistake, please help.

I’ve got a WD my book world edition II 2TB. Thanks

Irrespective of format I reckon nothing beats “Raise Data Recovery” tools. It recently helped me save 5T (ext4) of data where nothing else did. 

The Raise tools are fast and thorough and not too expensive. 

Thanks I am hoping someone can help me recover the deleted files without me having to shell out and buy new software to do it.

I understand that. There are a number of “free” solutions, in the linux area in particular. However, in my experience they are difficult to use largely because of a lack of documentation and support. In other words, the usual Linux nonsense.  Nevertheless, reluctant to spend money I spent days trying to master the art of Data Recovery using the free software available. Once I did manage to get any of  them going they proved to be slow and recovered very little.

From memory the Raise product I bought was about $30 (AU), worked out of the box and recovered almost everything from the corrupted HDDs I had. And it did so quickly and intuitively.

Nevertheless, start your search for free solutions here:  some of the Linux based solutions are supposed to recover from NTFS and FAT partitions.

I don’t know whether there are “free” solutions for the Windows OS, although there’s always Channel BT, I suppose.

Cheers & good luck.