Accidental format lost partition and all data

I was formatting a thumb drive when I accidentally formatted my 1 terabyte passport. My problem is that most programs won’t find anything recoverable except for one program called convair which allows me to select the drive witch is H and do a search for logical drives within that drive. It finds a drive called Passport 1000 [LOST] on windows drive H. All files and folders are in order except for a few files. My question is, is their any way to make that  logical drive active so I can use the drive normally? Or will I be copying file by file to a “NEW not purchased yet” 1 terabyte drive as this one was filled to 95% with about 1500 Movies. Huge personal data loss and excessively time consuming.

Hope I explained myself and my problem properly.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Yup, you cannot recover the files back to the same hard drive, you need to use another external or internal hard drive to transfer the files.

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