Accessing WDTV external hard drive via "Network" in my PC

Hi Guys.  I am using WDTV with the latest firmware.  I have an external USB drive connected to WDTV with my video files.  Up until today, i could access that external drive via “Network” via my wireless connection.  It was labeled under “Computers” as “WDTV”.  It was great because I could add files to the external drive without disconnecting it and connecting it to my PC.  Now today, that link in “Network” is gone and the WDTV is only listed under “Media Devices”.

I tried a few things to resolve the issue.  I did a factory reset on WDTV.  I cycled my modem and router.  And I also rebooted the PC.  Does anyone have any thoughts on getting this link back under “Network”?  Thanks in advance!

Sometimes you can ‘lose’ a network drive.  You may need to use the WD Discovery software to ‘relocate’ it.  I suspect that what may have happened is something else has grabbed its ‘address’.  I have two WDTV SMP’s with drives attached and I have given each of them a static ip address in the modem router.  In my modem/router it is under LAN, DHCP Server, Fixed Host.

This may be your problem.  I am  bit of a noob at this sort of stuff as well.

Let us know how you get on.