Accessing WDShareSpace by Device Name

I hope that there is a simple solution to this so here goes…

I have a WDShareSpace NAS…I have nave the device / NAS HomeNAS.

In WIndows 7 using Internet Explorer I can access the device from IE by entering the URL http://HomeNAS.  

In OS X Mavericks using Chrome I can not access the device from Chrome by entering the URL http://HomeNAS (i.e  chrome times out). 

Know that you know the problem please tell me how to fix it so that I can access the device from with Chrome by entering the above noted URL.

Two points:

  1.  I know that I can acess the drive using the IP adress from using Mavericks and Chrome but I want to be able to use the device name.

  2.  What is strange is that I can access the device using OS X Mavericks + Parallels + IE which leads me to believe that it is a Chrome issue.




Try " http://HomeNAS.local/" on the Mac

Appreciate the suggestion but as you can see from the below screenshot that did not work…any other ideas?