Accessing WD MyBookLive 3tb behind a dual router-firewall

This may sound a little CRAZY but I’m a security freak, seeing my MBL green light flickering a couple of times during the day/nights without me accessing it looks a bit suspicious, I have a verizon fios router  which already have a firewall setup, it logs all incoming access to my network, I’m concern about anybody accessing my files on the net. So instead of hooking it up behind my fios router/firewall, I setup another router-firewall BEHIND the FIOS router-firewall which have its own dhcp(cisco e4200) . this seems to work better, not seeing the green lighting up that much unless i’m using it,  the problem is I cant use the fios wifi to access MBL but no problem if i connect to my 2nd router’s wifi… Is there a way to access it thru my FIOS router and thru Cisco router securely without messing up my firewall settings?


This is an advanced networking configuration not related to the device itself. Securing ports and backdoor access would need to be manually configured and tested between Firewalls and routers, and would likely be the same process used to allow another system to be blocked, access, and/or filtered. If needed, you can manually assign a specific IP address, Gateway, and DNS Server to your WD My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage within the Dashboard configuration page so it can better suit your needs.

Please note this is not supported by Western Digital.