Accessing USB hard disk directly from computer solved but unable to share windows folder on wdtv

Hello all,

Googled a lot but could not find a solution to access external hard disk connected to wdtv live from my pc, but i managed to do so, posting it here, so it might help anyone else out there looking for same.

  1. Get the IP address of ur wd TV live from wdtv network settings.

  2. Clicked on Computer (on ur pc)

  3. Window opened with my hard disk details etc… on top of this window where u see “Computer” written, on top of menu i type the IP address of wdtv live like this “\”. 


Icon will appear for Hard Disk which is connected with your wdtv live, just double click on it and here you are. Manage your hard disk the way you want even while wdtv is playing a movie.


I am still unable to share a folder from my computer with wdtv live. I followed the tutorial shown on WD website, but my pc never shows wdtvlive accessable from media sharing, and on wdtv when i select network share for videos, nothing happens, menu remain stand still. any help would be appreciated.

Just for info, i got vista installed.