Accessing the WMP library on my MBWE


I have my music library stored on my MBWE and I manage it with Windows Media Player 12.

WMP creates a library file which it stores on my PC for the music files that are stored on the MBWE. Apparently, it also stores a copy of the WMP library somewhere on the MBWE itself.

When I manually make changes to the library file on my PC through WMP (e.g. cleaning up artist names like THe BossHoss vs. The Boss Hoss), WMP only updates the copy of the library file on my PC, not the one on the MBWE.

I can access the copy of the library on the MBWE through WMP, but the ‘Edit’ button is disabled, so I can’t replicate those changes I’ve made to the library on my PC.

My question: Where on the MBWE is the WMP library file located? I can’t find it, so I assume it’s hidden somewhere. What I’d like to do is to manually copy the library file from my PC to the MBWE to overwrite the library file there.



Did you check on the shared music folder? 

Not familiar with WMP … I rather use iTunes

Yes I did check that folder. That was actually the first place I checked.

I checked every single folder that I can see on the MBWE.