Accessing the drive without network connectivity?

i know this may be the stupidest question.


I just bought a 1TB WD TV Live and basically I want to connect it to my macbook pro, so I play around with the storage, much as i would with an external hard drive. All manuals are instructing me to connect ethernet via a network. But I have no internet connection at the moment and simply want to access the drive via my macbook, without having to copy the videos one at a time on the WD TV.  

Make sense? I’ve tried the ethernet directly from mac to wd, and i’ve also bought an A to A usb cord… still nothing. 

i know its a simple and easy solution thats staring me in the face, any help would be eternally grateful. 

You have a WD TV Live or a WD TV Live Hub?

WD TV Live Hub

No, it’s on a simple and easy solution.

The Live / Live+ / Live Hub were all designed to work on a network, not to be attached directly to a computer.

That doesn’t mean it’s not possible, but you’re going to have to do a lot of work.

You can approach it in one of several ways:

1>  You’re going to need an ethernet CROSSOVER cable to connect between the two ethernet ports.    OR, just go buy a cheap 10/100 switch and use it in the middle with standard cables.

2>  You’ll have to manually configure all the network configurations on both the MAC and the WDTV since you don’t have a “Router” on your network handling the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) requests.

----  OR ----

Just go buy an inexpensive USB HD.   Plug it into your MAC.   Copy the files you want on to that HD.

Disconnect it from the MAC and attach it to the Hub.   Use the Hub’s user interface to copy the HD to the internal storage,  or just play the files directly from the USB HD.